SolarBond Encapsulant

SolarBondTM E encapsulant provides cushioning and structural support to the solar cells and circuitry, while allowing transmission of sunlight for energy conversion.  Its outstanding weathering properties means the solar module will be protected for years to come.  SolarBondTM EVA is suitable for both flexible and rigid modules, as it exhibits high adhesion to other PV module components including glass, FluoroSolTM frontsheet and backsheet. 

SolarBondTM E Encapsulant is available in a wide range of thickness, width and roll size.  It can be supplied as a pre-laminate to FluoroSolTM F-series frontsheets to improve production efficiency. 

Features & Benefits
  • High light transmission
  • Outstanding adhesion to PV module components, including glass, FluoroSol TM  front sheet and backsheet laminates
  • Superior weatherability
  • Fast cure EVA
  • Low shrinkage