Advanced Optics and Electronic Solutions 產品應用
  • 高階光學鏡片表面處理
  • 電漿蝕刻系統
  • LED PSS 制程「圖案化藍寶石基板(Pattern Sapphire Substrate;PSS)

IBSE 250 / 500 / 700PACE PlasmaJet 300
Plasma Assisted Chemical Etching

  • Ultra smoothing of many materials
  • Ion beam assisted two-target sputtering (coating)
  • Ion beam etching with constant rate
  • Highly homogeneous sputter rate

  • Figuring at normal pressure
  • Extremely high material removal rates
  • Sub-Micrometer figuring accuracy
  • Bombardment of surfaces by fluoric radicals
OptoMill 1500-50 and 1800-70

Optical Low Coherence Interferometry

  • Precise figuring of high end optics
  • Ultra stable removal rates and shapes
  • Achievable surface quality
  • Complete processing and data handling software

  • High precision optical thickness measurement
  • Measurement of transparent material
  • Accuracy of thickness measurement
  • Parallelism measurement of thick plates