The O-Ring is the most commonly used seal within all industries. We offers a wide range of O-Rings that balance cost-effectiveness with performance. Any size of O-Ring is available (metric or inch, standard or custom), including giant O-Rings using our Fleximold™ process.
O-ringsIn addition, a wide choice of materials for both standard and special applications allow the O-Ring to be used to seal practically all liquid and gaseous media. These include best-in-class EPDM, FKM, NBR, HNBR and our proprietary FFKM, Isolast®. 

Specialized products are also available such as O-Rings in polyurethane, PTFE based Turcon® material.


American Variseal: 內嵌式彈簧或PTFE唇封的Turcon軸封
Dowty Seals: 高性能彈性體為基材的密封產品
Forsheda:旋轉式密封元件,包含v-ring及cassette seal
Impervia: 特殊或專用的航太等級密封元件
Orkot: 優異的複合軸承材料
Palmer Chenard:工程纖維強化之薄膜
Polypac: 高負載油壓應用之密封系統
Nordex:創新的油、空壓, PU密封元件
Shamban: 高等級Turcon (PTFE)密封元件, 及工程塑膠
Silcofab: 矽橡膠的墊圈或模製化密封元件
Skega: 高品質O型環, 密封墊片,及客製化油封
Wills Ring:金屬O型環,Turcon(PTFE)為基材的往復及旋轉軸封